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MacroStax Pro

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Want to help your clients get the results they desire, keep them accountable, and track their progress all at the same time? Macrostax Pro will help you do just that and it’s coming soon. Sign up below to get early access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any in app purchases?

Nope! You will get all the newest updates at no additional fees and everything is included in your monthly or yearly subscription. See FAQ #6 for a demo of the web app!

How is this different than myfitnesspal?

Think of us as the educational app whereas myfitnesspal is simply tracking food with no guidance. We tell you how much to eat, when based around the time of day you workout or if you are resting as well as what to eat to hit your macros. We also have a chat feature that you can talk to a nutrition expert at any time and I know myfitnesspal doesn't offer that ;) We may be adding food tracking in the future but it does not currently exist inside Macrostax.

Can I try it for a month first and then update to the yearly subscription at the discounted price?

Absolutely! We encourage you try it for a month first to make sure it is a good fit before committing to a yearly subscription. The 50% off will be available to you at any time after purchase with one click inside Macrostax.

Do you offer a free trial or refunds? How do I cancel?

Due to the front loaded information specific to each individual we don't offer any refunds or free trials but you can cancel your monthly membership any time inside of the web app with one click. No fees or email hassle. This will cancel all future payments. If you signed up for a yearly subscription you will not be refunded for the months you did not use so we recommend signing up for the monthly option to make sure it is a good fit first.

Can I change my goals and get a new plan?

Of course! We know that goals change, activity levels change, and this plan allows you to update your profile information at anytime to reflect a truly custom macro plan based on what stage in life you are at!

How do I get a demo or see inside the app before purchasing?

Here is a 4 minute demo video of how Macrostax works:

image description

Looking for one-on-one nutrition coaching services?

If you want to be partnered with your very own Nutrition Coach and check in with them weekly then please head to our sister site, Lean Machine Nutrition for more details. Learn more

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