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Bring a nutrition challenge to your gym, office or bootcamp.

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The Macrostax nutrition challenge is a perfect jump start for your members to learn the proper way to fuel their bodies! They train so hard at the gym, and nutrition is one of the hardest pieces to dial in. Macrostax makes it's so simple for them and it's fun! Your members will thank you!Jason O'Bannon, Owner, Black Bolt CrossFit, Individual Regional Qualifier

Macrostax specializes in group nutrition challenges. We know you are busy running a gym and focusing on your clients, let us step in and do the work for you! Our 6-week nutrition challenge can accommodate any size group and provides a step-by-step guide to keep everyone on track.

Benefits of signing up for a nutrition challenge.

Add more value to your gym.

The missing piece for most gyms is nutrition. A lot of gym owners and fitness instructors have a basic knowledge of nutrition but find themselves too busy or somewhat lost on how to invest that knowledge into their clients. That is where we step in. Macrostax provides custom plans to clients who sign up for our 6-week challenge, guiding them through every step of the way. Our Gym Challenge is a great way to distinguish your gym or fitness facility apart from others, we take the hassle out of your hands and leave you to focus on your clients.

Fun for the members

Challenges are more fun with friends! As clients start to set personal records, group camaraderie will grow. Not only will your athletes look lean and mean, their performance will enhance as they crush work outs and smash previous goals! Your facility will gain all the credit as you provide your athletes with a tool to enable them to succeed both nutritionally and physically. Its that simple!

Live Q&A with our nutrition experts

We know counting macros can be a little intimidating and lots of questions can arise throughout the process. We provide a live Q&A for all our clients to help get them on track and keep them there. We are so much more than just a food tracker, we are here for you and your clients. Our mission is to help clients reach and ultimately exceed their goals.

Get started

Sign up for our next challenge by December 17th 2018!

Upcoming Nutrition Challenge Dates for 2019: • January 1 - February 12 • January 14 - February 25 •

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Take up the challenge, make a positive change.

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"Macrostax calculated my macros and I have not looked back. As my workout volume has increased, the timing of my macro consumption has been more and more important. I love how the app breaks down my macro goals for me pre and post workout depending on the time of day I train. I'm currently on a cutting cycle of 2644 calories to get to my goal weight."

Johnathan Smitherman Pete Mongeau, 46
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