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Announcing Macrostax’s Brand Refresh

When we established Macrostax in 2017 we never imagined how many lives we’d transform. At this point, we are honored to have helped thirty thousand people (and counting!) look and feel their best with our personalized, flexible, affordable approach to nutrition. With growth inevitably comes change; we couldn’t be more excited to show you the updates  we’ve made at Macrostax.

As we’ve evolved and grown as a company, so has our customer base, so we’ve upgraded  our brand to better reflect who we are and who we serve. Our new look and feel was driven directly by the kind of company we have become—one that is friendly, fun, and approachable, with a deep commitment to helping you achieve your weight loss or performance objectives, no matter who you are or what you’re into.

On the surface, you’ll see brighter colors, a new font, and fresh headlines. Look a little beneath the surface though, and we hope you’ll see the changes at Macrostax aren’t just cosmetic.

We want you to know that Macrostax is not just for CrossFitters and powerlifters. We are here for runners, yogis, and Orange Theory enthusiasts. We serve weightlifters and boot camp lovers. We are here for the time-crunched working parents who sweat at home with a pre-dawn workout video. Whether you attend Zumba, barre class, or spin class, we are here for you. Whether you want to lose five pounds or 100 pounds, Macrostax can help. Whether you’re a vegan or a meat-lover we are here for you. If you’re gluten-free, dairy-free, or grain-free, we can support you. We are here to meet you where you are at, and take you to your finish line, wherever that may be.

As we’ve expanded, our goal was to update our brand to give our customers an interface that’s as inclusive and welcoming as we are. Whether you’ve talked to us over chat, or engaged in our 6,000+ member Macrostaxers Facebook community, or our thriving Macrostax Recipes Facebook group, you know there is no question too silly to ask, no win too small to celebrate. We want Macrostaxers to feel comfortable inviting their friends, co-workers, and neighbors to join, knowing they’ll be embraced by a supportive, respectful community of people who are striving to be their best, no matter what that looks like for each individual.

While our website and social media may look a bit different as we reach out to a broader segment of the community and guide even more people on their path to optimal health and wellness, our core values will always remain the same. At Macrostax we will never lose sight of why we created our product in the first place. As the founder, I am personally driven by an event that changed my life forever; my mother died due to complications of Type 2 diabetes when I was only 21 years old. Not a single day goes by that I don’t think of her; it is no coincidence that I have made it my life’s mission to help people embrace healthier lifestyles.  

When I started Macrostax, all I had was an idea I believed in, a shoestring budget, and an extremely bare-bones prototype. I had faith, though, that if I could prevent even one person from going through the kind of loss that my family experienced, the hard work and sleepless nights would have been worth it. Now, less than two years since we officially launched, Macrostax has positively impacted countless people. Knowing we have touched so many lives only motivates us to reach as many people as possible, and with this refresh, we hope to do just that.

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