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Macrostax is Hiring a Fullstack Software Engineer!

About Macrostax

We have had 30,000 sign up's since we launched 1.5 years ago. Our growth has been exponential and are looking to expand our development team locally in Boulder, CO. We strive to build awesome software that changes lives daily. We tell you what, when and how much to eat to reach your goals. We have a hungry well-rounded team who is passionate about helping people improve their health and build one of a kind software.

As an early stage employee you will have the opportunity to own and built out a wide range of the product and contribute a great amount to our evolution as a company. We are off to a great start with ambitious goals and are on the hunt for the next strong candidate to take this product to the next level.


  • Senior level experience writing and architecting code across the stack

  • Test driven developer

  • Experience with Elixir/Phoenix and an emphasis on declarative/functional style

  • Relational database experience expertise, NoSQL nice to have

  • Experience working with GraphQL (as well as REST) style APIs

  • Preferred experience with Vue, otherwise experience equivalent with reactive javascript framework/libraries

  • Strong git(hub) fundamentals, code review habits, and comfort working in a team

  • Bonus: OTP familiarity and experience with Elixir deployments

  • Bonus: Ruby on Rails experience


  • Collaborate with entire team to create a solid backend API to eventually serve multiple frontends

  • Prototype and influence the development of internal tools that may eventually become public facing

  • Willingness to take ownership of projects and suggest approaches and strategies with the whole business in mind

  • Bonus: experience in the fitness/nutrition space


  • Elixir/Phoenix + Postgres (also a legacy Ruby on Rails codebase)

  • Heroku

  • GraphQL/Apollo/Vue/Vuex

  • NPM, Webpack

If you are interested and meet the above requirements please email our founder, directly with a resume and a brief paragraph on why you are interested in this role and anything about yourself that you wish to highlight that may not be easy to gather on a resume.

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