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Our new revolutionary app is the first of its kind, taking mobile meal tracking and nutritional education to the next level. Macrostax generates a custom nutrition plan based on your body type and goals. What sets Macrostax apart from its competitors is its ability to educate and guide through the process step-by-step. This tool has what you need to get results, track progress, and learn along the way. Want to find out more? Keep scrolling or click the Live Chat below.

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Our meal plan feature creates meals that hit your macros! If a food shows up that is undesirable, a new one is just a click away. With Macrostax, serving sizes are provided, tracking macros not only becomes convenient but also easy to understand. We focus on pre- and post-workout meals to achieve optimal results and accelerate fat loss. We also give the ability to text/email the meals to yourself to make grocery shopping easier! Gluten free, dairy free, vegan, vegetarian, & pescatarian plans NOW available!

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Track progress to visually see results

Input your measurements and bodyweight so you can see your progress unfold with our handy dandy progress graphs. Measurements and weigh-ins are great, time-tested metrics for tracking progress but sometimes it's nice to actually see how far you've come. With our image uploader, you can compare your weekly photos side by side to get a visual point of reference for your results.

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Bridging the gap between expensive 1-on-1 coaching and static templates.

Chat with a coach to get thorough answers to your questions. Adjust your macro plans according to the time of day you work out. Change your activity level and goal at any time. Compare photos to track progress. Macrostax provides all of these features and more.

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“I believe serving others is the key to true happiness. Macrostax is built on user feedback. Ask and we’ll build it.”

Lindsey Love Jenks, Founder

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I was CrossFitting 6x/week, eating 90% “healthy” foods, and was overweight. I was frustrated and needed accountability. The time I started was not ideal. It was right before Christmas and before the birth of my little girl, but I knew if I didn’t start then, I would put it off for another year. I put my excuses aside, and once I hit my stride I was able to reach my goal!"

Johnathan Smitherman Barry "Boz" Boswell, 31
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