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I just wanted to say thank you for a great app, guidance and information... This isn't where I'm stopping but I hit my first goal!

Kate B.


Kate B. profile

I just wanted to say thank you for a great app, guidance and information... This isn't where I'm stopping but I hit my first goal!

Kate B.


Kate B. profile

I'm grateful for the results I've seen with Macrostax. I've had a lot of personal records, plus I have more energy than ever. I can't wait to see where I'll be in the next 15 weeks. Also, I probably should have smiled in the picture. lol oops



Mo profile

I'm a weightlifter and a single mom of twin 6 year olds and I've never had a weight loss product that has worked as well and consistently as Macrostax. I've been using it since December and I have more energy for my kids and I'm able to maintain my weight class before, during, and after competitions!

Coleen R.


Coleen R. profile

Macrostax has given me the tools to eat for performance vs. what I thought was eating clean. Can't wait to see what the next few phases bring!

Matt S.


Matt S. profile

Macrostax makes it easy to log my food and plan what I’m going to eat for each meal. Some days I’m super on top of it and I plan all of my food before I actually eat anything (this is probably the easiest way to make sure I am going to accurately hit my macros but isn’t always possible). And other days I eat and log as I go but with the “fill my macros” feature it makes it easy to come up with meal ideas to hit my numbers on those weird days.

Amanda Barnhart

2x CrossFit Games Athlete

Amanda Barnhart profile

My journey/relationship with my nutrition has been a long one and at many times had been anything but smooth. I’ve had the most success by tracking my macros and staying consistent with Macrostax has become an essential tool in staying on track with my nutrition and therefore helping me reach my goals. I can’t emphasize this enough, CONSISTENCY is key, and using Macrostax allows me to maintain that regardless of where I’m at in training/life.

Colleen Fotsch

2x CrossFit Games Athlete

Colleen Fotsch profile

Thanks to Macrostax my energy levels are up, I feel great during my workouts, and I can keep up with my crazy kiddos! I love the flexibility this program allows and that I can still enjoy all the summer family fun (and the occasional campfire s'more) and still stay on plan! I'm looking forward to setting new goals and seeing how far I can go with Macrostax!



Joelle profile

I'm a coach at a CrossFit gym, so being an example for my fellow athletes is super important. I love the fact that I'm fueling my workouts and refueling after, makes my performance so much better, with that, I've PR'd on all my lifts and performing so much better at my workouts. Macrostax not only gives me the freedom to eat what I want, but the plan is so easy to follow.

Macy A.


Macy A. profile

If you have certain goals whether they are performance or aesthetic (or even both!) it’s necessary to have a game plan! Counting macros with Macrostax has been one part of my attack plan when it comes to MY goals. If you are just winging it & struggling to see progress maybe it’s time to have a more scientific approach to your goals (like counting macros) Macrostax knows it all & does it all so having them do just about everything from my macro count to recipes and even pre and post macros helps me reach my goals.

Danielle Brandon

CrossFit Games Athlete

Danielle Brandon profile

Nutrition is huge and if you don’t know what you’re doing it can really hold you back. With Macrostax you get unlimited access to a personal nutrition coach. This is awesome especially if you don’t know where to start or need some extra guidance you can just ask one of their coaches in their in-app chat!

Josh Bridges

6x CrossFit Games Athlete, Navy Seal

Josh Bridges profile

I am so grateful that Macrostax really open my eyes to the missing puzzle piece. My energy and strength levels have significantly improved since I’ve used Macrostax and I can’t wait to see it translate into my 2019 season on the track!

Georganne Moline

World Champion & Olympian

Georganne Moline profile

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