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National Smoothie Day Recipes 2021

Happy National Smoothie Day! Macrostax and Optimum Nutrition have partnered together to bring you 3 easy-to-make high-protein smoothies that will have you sipping on success in no time! + a sweet GIVEAWAY where 5 winners will receive a year of Macrostax + a year supply of Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein! Plus you can keep the celebration going with 20% off your Macrostax subscription and Optimum Nutrition products. Use code "SUCCESS20" at check out!

National Smoothie Day Logo

1. Macro Matcha Smoothie

Matcha green tea powder is a great superfood supplement, boasting antioxidant power and some quick caffeine if you are looking for a pick me up! The natural sweetness in this smoothie comes from frozen mango, and avocado adds healthy fats as well as a super creamy texture.

  • Nutrition Facts: 368 calories / 31g carbs / 33.5g protein / 10g fat 

Find the recipe here.

National Smoothie Day Macro Matcha

2. Berry Simple Smoothie

What’s the ultimate summer snack? Berry simple! This creamy, dreamy berry smoothie of course. And don’t forget your spoon - this smoothie is so thick it could also be enjoyed as a smoothie bowl.

  • Nutrition Facts: 213 calories / 30g carbs / 20g protein / 1g fat

Find the recipe here.

National Smoothie Day - Berry Simple Smoothie

3. High Protein Dreamsicle Smoothie

This High Protein Dreamsicle Smoothie will chill out even the busiest of days! It tastes JUST like an orange dreamsicle, yet boasts almost 30g protein per serving and is packed with fruit and veggie goodness. 

  • Nutrition Facts: 299 calories / 46.5g carbs / 27g protein / 2g fat

Find the recipe here.

National Smoothie Day - Dreamsicle smoothie

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