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Anatomy of a "Green Thumbs" Day

Macrostax is designed to help you reach your fat loss, muscle gain, and performance goals by making tracking and hitting your macros super easy. Log your foods in the app, hit your macros, and you’ll get three “green thumbs up”. Don't worry if you don't hit them on your first try ... it takes practice! Once you learn what foods consist of which macros and develop some of your favorite go-to’s, you’ll be a pro soon enough.

In the meantime, scroll through our diagram below for the anatomy of a day that hits your green thumbs!

anatomy of a green thumbs day

  1. Macros are spread evenly throughout the day, meaning each meal contains a balanced amount of all 3 macros: carbs, protein and fat. For example, if you don’t make sure to include protein at each meal, you’ll end up having to eat a ton of protein at the end of the day to make up for it. Make your meals well-balanced to avoid tough end-of-day situations.

  2. Blend of high-volume carbs (salad mix, vegetables, and fruit) and low-volume carbs (sprouted bread, potatoes, rice). High-volume carbs help fill you up without taking up too much of your carbs, whereas low-volume carbs allow you to meet your carb number faster without feeling like you’re stuffing yourself.

  3. Healthy variety of whole foods including fruits, veggies, starches, grains, lean proteins, oats, and nuts. The more variety, the more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients!

  4. Keep fats low by using lean proteins like chicken breast and tuna. High-fat proteins like pork, beef, and salmon will use up a lot of your fats for the same volume of food.

  5. Get your healthy fats in instead from foods like avocado and nuts. 

  6. Higher carb amounts before and after your workout to make sure you are properly fueled and have energy, as well as replenishing those glycogen stores afterwards.

  7. Use of supplementation like Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard whey protein powder to help you meet your protein macro. It can be easy to add to things like oatmeal or a shake. 

  8. Making sure to count for cooking oil (14g of fat)!

  9. Of course, making sure there is still room for your favorite must-haves like ice cream and a morning coffee!

This is just one example of a day that hits your green thumbs. When you plan yours, be sure to use your favorite foods and treats. Think of things that you love having everyday (morning coffee, glass of wine, piece of chocolate, oatmeal, latte, etc.) and make sure to put those in first, and plan the rest of your day around it. Use lean proteins like chicken breast, turkey breast, shrimp, cod, and protein powder, and sprinkle fruit, veggies, and whole grains throughout your meals. And remember, once you have a day that hits those macros, use the app’s Copy Foods feature to repeat that day throughout the week--making planning and prepping a breeze!

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