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Why Should I Count Macros?

What? You’re not trying to get ripped or run a 5-minute mile?

Don’t worry – neither are most of us.

The truth is, many people come to Macrostax looking for an easy way to manage their nutrition while still enjoying all the foods they love.

And the great news is: macros are for everyone.

Counting your macros isn’t just for one class of athlete, age group, or body type. In fact, anyone – from those who just want to lose some weight, to avid CrossFitters, to endurance athletes, to full-on competitive body builders – can benefit from counting macros.

Macronutrients include carbohydrates, protein, and fats, and are the building blocks of healthy nutrition. In order to fuel your body for any type of activity – whether it’s running a marathon or chasing after your kids (same thing, right?) – you need to have your macros in order.

Here’s what counting your macros can do for you.

Weight Loss

If you’re like 46 percent of Americans, you’re trying to lose weight. Whether it’s that last stubborn 5 pounds you’re trying to shed or you’re just starting a long-term weight loss journey, understanding exactly what you put into your body is critical.

The keys to weight loss are exercise and proper diet – you’ve heard this before. However, the term “exercise” is relative. What counts as exercise for one person (say, someone who is 100 lbs overweight) may not be strenuous enough to count as exercise for someone who is leaner. But proper diet applies to everyone, no matter your exercise regimen.

Your body is pretty picky. Even if you’re one of the lucky few who has zero food allergens, no gluten sensitivity, no problems with dairy or soy, and in general can boast about having an iron gut, your body needs specific nutrients to run efficiently.

For most overweight Americans, their macros are out of whack. Thanks to the go, go, go hustle of modern living, it’s too easy to grab quick food options without giving the nutrients a second thought. This leaves many people consuming far too many carbohydrates and fats.

The great thing about counting your macros and using a tool like Macrostax is you can see exactly where you’re missing out on nutrients during your day. Then you can correct your diet to make sure you’re getting a well-rounded, health-conscious balance of macros that will help you reach your weight loss goals.

Health Fanatics

There are some people who could spend all day talking about macros, micros, vitamins, and minerals. And the team at Macrostax isn’t ashamed to count ourselves among them.

If you’re meticulous about what you put in your body – because you’ve only got the one and it better last you a good long while, right?! – counting your macros can help ensure you’re getting the very best out of your diet.

Plus, even die-hard nutrition buffs have a hard time adding some variety to their meals. But with a macro-focused app like Macrostax, you can make sure you’re hitting all your macro goals while also getting fresh suggestions for delicious meals that keep your taste buds tickled.

Endurance Athletes

Endurance athletes have a special set of challenges many other people don’t ever have to think about. Not only do you need to fuel your body for long distance runs, bike rides, hikes, and swims, but you also have to remember to get enough protein to repair your muscles.

On top of that, your calorie count and body fat percentage can have a major impact on your ability to go the distance. So you have to keep your weight in check.

The best way to make sure you’re getting enough of all the right foods for short-term and long-term energy, plus lean muscle repair and weight management is to count your macros. But don’t worry – you don’t have to use your fingers and toes. We’ve got you covered.

The “Hard Core” Bunch

If you’ve been a CrossFitter, OTFer, Sealfitter, Alpha Trainer, or pro athlete for a while now, you may not consider yourself “hard core.” You may just consider your two-a-days as your normal routine. But take a bow and wear the hat proudly: you’re hard core, dude.

Growing as an elite athlete is all about subtle changes. A tiny change to your form can make all the difference in the power you’re able to generate on that snatch. A slight relaxation of the shoulders can make the difference between a 6-minute mile and a 5-minute-50-second mile.

And the same goes for your nutrition.

That’s why counting your macros and making sure you’re dialed in to just the right nutrition plan for your goals can make all the difference between a plateau and fist-bump-worthy success.

If you need extra help tweaking your macro plan to hit your higher goals, let us know. We can get you there.

How do you plan to use your macros? Tell us about your goals and challenges in StaxChat!

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