Alcohol Calculator

Macrostax lets you enjoy your favorite food and beverages, including alcohol! Use our Alcohol Calculator below to get the macros you need for your alcoholic drink and then add it straight to your Macrostax Food Log. See below for instructions.

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Light Beer (3.5% ABV or less)



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  1. Determine how you want to calculate your alcohol macros:

    • By Common Beverage: select this option if you know what type of alcohol you are drinking and the amount in ounces (ex: an 8-oz glass of white wine)

    • By Calories: select this option if you already know the calories in your drink (ex: a can that indicates 120 calories on the label)

    • By ABV% & Size: select this option if you know the ABV% of your drink and the amount in ounces (ex: a 16-oz pint of 14 ABV% craft beer)

  2. Adjust the slider to see the macros of your chosen alcoholic beverage. You can drag it:

    • All the way to the left to use only carbs

    • All the way to the right to use only fats

    • Or anywhere in between to use a combination of both carbs and fats so it fits your macros however you need it to

    • *Note: you cannot use protein to account for alcohol

  3. If you are a current Macrostax user, simply click the "Add this to your food log" link to add the custom calculated alcohol macros to your day!

It is important that we track alcohol in the same way we track our food to ensure we're hitting our macros. Think of alcohol like a separate macro--while carbs and protein have 4 calories per gram and fat has 9 calories per gram, alcohol has 7 calories per gram. However, alcohol is not regulated by the FDA, so that information is not included on nutrition fact labels. Therefore, in order to account for the "macro value" of alcohol, we assign the drink's calories to either carbs or fat instead. For extra reference in case you need it, we've included our alcohol conversion chart below, giving you the full rundown on different types of beverages.

Macrostax Calculate Alcohol Cheat Sheet

Still need more info? Read our blog post here on how to properly account for alcohol in your macros.