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Macrostax Welcomes Professional CrossFit Athlete Brooke Wells To The Team

Macrostax is excited to have Brooke Wells join our team as an athlete ambassador! At just 25 years old, Brooke has already climbed the ranks of the professional CrossFit world, making a total of six appearances at the annual CrossFit Games and finishing in sixth place in both 2018 and 2019.

So what's her secret? Hard work and dedication, of course! Over the years, Brooke has kept her nutrition in check as required by the demands of the sport. CrossFit blends strength, gymnastics, endurance, as well as stamina. So feeding and fueling her muscles, while maintaining a healthy weight, is of the utmost importance. She recently joined fellow CrossFit Games athlete, Tia Toomey, at PRVN Fitness to step up her training for this season, and we here at Macrostax are excited to help her take her nutrition to the next level as well.

"There are lots of nutrition apps out there, but in my opinion, the majority of them are telling people to under eat!", says Brooke. "Macrostax asks a series of questions in order to find out your lifestyle, body type, etc. along with your goals ... without restricting you as others would."

That freedom from restriction comes from the methodology of balanced nutrition—the very foundation of the Macrostax program. Using a team of registered dietitians and exercise physiologists, Macrostax provides custom macro targets for individuals based on personal settings like age, gender, height, weight, and activity level. Our macro plans are designed not only to help people reach their personal goals—whether that's losing fat, gaining muscle, or eating for performance—but to make sure we are doing it the right way. That means being a long-term, sustainable program that teaches people to build a healthy relationship with all kinds of foods, while also resulting in better body composition.

When Brooke first started CrossFit and followed what she thought was a healthy diet, she says, "I was always tired. I couldn't push myself in the gym and overall just didn't feel like I was doing what I could to meet my potential." Once she started eating a more well-balanced diet with ample carbs, protein, and fat, she continues, "I was actually the leanest I had ever been and I haven't looked back since."

brooke wells If you passed her by on the street, Brooke would seem like your average girl in her 20's hanging out with her friends (after all, she had a normal college experience at the University of Missouri studying business!). But what you wouldn't be able to tell is that this incredibly talented athlete can back squat 350 pounds and deadlift 425!

While Brooke may be able to do things us normal folk could only dream of, she may have a lot more in common with us than meets the eye! For example, did you know she uses the Macrostax app and recipes to stay on track?

"One of the coolest features, in my opinion, that is so unique," she says, "is the suggestions of what you could eat at the end of the day. And my favorite recipe is the Cookie Dough Dip!!" That's right, our Fill Macros tool isn't just there to help beginners hit their macros—it's for everyone that wants to eat well-balanced, macro-friendly meals. Plus, fitting treat meals into her macros is even a part of her weekly routine. On weekends, she'll opt for a nice steak meal, sushi, or a homemade pizza, making sure to log it in her macros at the start of the day so it fits.

So, what's in store for 2021? We asked her what she's most excited about when it comes to her new nutrition partnership and she said, "I don't have to think about how much I should be eating, when I should be eating, or what I could eat. That way, I can just focus strictly on performing during the Open and giving my all with no distractions."

Macrostax is excited to fuel Brooke on her way to the Open, the CrossFit season opener, starting March 11th, and all the way to the CrossFit Games at the end of this summer. So stay tuned to see how she does! Make sure to check out Brooke's Instagram for a special giveaway, as well the Macrostax Instagram for upcoming features on what Brooke eats in a typical day as a professional athlete!

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