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4 Things Every Macro Counter Needs in Their Kitchen

Being successful with Macrostax takes motivation, discipline, and supplies. Yes, supplies. We’re not talking about dumbbells, barbells, or a new pair of kicks. We’re talking kitchen supplies. While fitness encompasses a mindset and a commitment to physical activity, it’s also about the food. You can’t expect to feel great and perform well without the right fuel. But without a selection of nutrient-dense foods, a way to measure them, and the right containers to store them and take them with you, all the kale and chicken breast in the world won’t get you very far.

Here’s what you and your kitchen need to hit the ground running.

1| Measuring Tools

Do you have a digital food scale? Do you have a full set of measuring cups? Do you have a complete set of measuring spoons? If you answer no to any of these, do not pass go!

Sure, the “eyeballing” method is okay if you’re at your mother-in-law’s or a work dinner but when you’re in your own kitchen there’s never a reason to rely on a guesstimate. To be successful with Macrostax you have to commit to counting accurately. And once you do, it won’t be long before weighing and measuring everything you put on your plate becomes second nature. Macrostaxer Megan Vannoy says she has become so accustomed to weighing her food that she often finds herself putting her son’s plate on the scale, too. As for a food scale that’s functional and affordable, here’s one we recommend.

2| Electronics

Whether you prefer to keep your phone in your pocket, a laptop on the kitchen table, or a tablet on the counter, having a trusty device and a solid WiFi connection is non-negotiable. Whether you’re using the app to create a meal out of your leftover salmon, noodles, and broccoli, or you want to find out if the chocolate chip cookie you scored in the break room fits into your macros, being connected is synonymous with success. Plus, if you’re like Macrostaxer Nichole King, you’re going to need your device to listen to your favorite food prep playlist while you chop, dice, and measure.

3| Pantry Staples

You’ve got your measuring tools, and you know how much of each food you need to eat to meet your macros for the day… but do you have the actual food? There will be times when you have a week’s worth of meals portioned out in your fridge and a crock pot meal in the freezer. But there will be other times when nothing goes as planned, and your fridge is empty, minus a stick of butter and a yogurt that expired ten days ago.

But if you plan ahead you can still be successful, no matter what life throws at you. Stocking your kitchen with a variety of “single macro foods” (e.g. foods that are mainly comprised of either carbs, protein, or fat) that keep well can be the difference between coming home late and eating a balanced, filling meal versus ordering a pizza and wings in a hangry frenzy. Consider choices like canned tuna fish, eggs, your favorite protein powder, rice, almonds, frozen berries. For more ideas, check out our comprehensive list of single macro foods.

4| Travel containers  You could nail your Macros without a travel mug, a Blender Bottle, or meal-sized food storage containers, but why would you want to? Whether you munch your breakfast on your morning commute, eat lunch at your desk, or swig a shake en route to the gym, chances are you are not sitting at your kitchen table every time you chow down. You don’t have time to dig through your cupboards and dishwasher for the one clean Tupperware that’s neither too big nor too small. Being able to access the right container in a snap makes it easy to plan ahead. Not sure which containers to purchase? Here are some we love.

Whether you’re pre-packing all of your lunches for the week into your containers or adding exactly 2 tablespoons of half and half and a 30 gram scoop of protein powder to your travel mug before you fill it up at the coffee shop, the right equipment can be the difference between hitting your macros and hitting the fast-food drive-through.

There’s a reason Benjamin Franklin’s famous words, “A failure to plan is a plan to fail,” remain, well, famous. They’re true. When it comes to Macrostax, success isn’t just about preparing yourself and your meal plan for the week—it’s about preparing your kitchen, too.

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