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Why Macrostax is NOT a Fad

You want your clothes to fit better. You want to be stronger and faster in the gym, on the roads, or on the trail. No matter what your goals are, at the beginning of a new year, like many of us, you’re probably thinking about how you can be the best version of yourself. And if you’ve tried diets before, you know you don’t want to go down that road again. Because if you’re like most of us, you lost the weight, and then at some point gained it back.

You might think you failed the diet but the truth is, the diet failed you.

If you’re ready for a sustainable approach to nutrition, look no further than Macrostax. Like your coziest hoodie, your lucky headband, or your perfect workout playlist, it’s a system that will stand the test of time. Here’s why.

1| It's flexible

Don’t feel like eating a big breakfast? No problem. In the mood for a bagel? That’s fine. Not willing to give up creamer in your coffee? You don’t need to. Macrostax lets you plan meals that work for your tastes and your schedule (unless you’d rather let us plan them for you with our handy meal planner). While you might have made a big batch of chili for work lunches, if your co-worker happens to invite you out for lunch, it’s not going to annihilate your nutrition plan if you say yes. With some creativity and flexibility, you can go out to eat without the stress of ruining your diet. And even if you do get off track for a meal, a day, or even a weekend, that is okay. Unlike other systems, there is no “reset” period required to get your body back into a fat-burning state. Life happens. Macrostax gets it.

2| No foods are off-limits.

If you’ve ever declared a certain food off-limits (sugar detox, anyone?) you know how well that works. We’d like to think that if we can just “get over the hump” by banishing a certain food or type of food from our diet for long enough, we’ll forget it ever even existed. But that’s just not the case. If you’re like us, you could cut out ice cream (or craft beer, wood-grilled pizza, Doritos… insert your favorite food here) and it wouldn’t diminish your love for it. More likely, you’d spend a ridiculous amount of time and energy craving that very food. Macrostax knows everything is okay in moderation. That’s why we give you the flexibility to include your favorite foods in your diet.

3|  You won't be starving

You know that feeling when you’re so hungry your stomach is eating a hole in itself? So you drink a La Croix to trick your body into being full and it’s not working, but your diet says you can’t eat yet/can only eat carrots right now/have maxed out your daily calorie allowance? Get ready to do the happy dance because that is NOT what Macrostax is about. If you’ve been told you need to be hungry to see results, you’ve been misinformed. If you think eating till you’re full is a sure way to sabotage your goals, your thinking is wrong. Don’t believe us? Check out the Macrostaxers Facebook community. It’s hard to go an entire day there without at least one Macrostaxer asking for suggestions on how to meet their macros for the day when bedtime is a half hour away and they’ve already had three meals and at least one snack.

4| Your plan is personalized

Most diets work... until they don’t anymore. After a while you hit a plateau, get bored of cabbage soup, are craving a bagel, or you find your energy lagging. So you abandon the diet and you’re back where you started. Macrostax doesn’t work like that. When you change, Macrostax changes with you. There’s no set prescription; your plan changes when you need it to, not according to the date on the calendar or a specific number on a scale. With countless personal settings and a variety of goals and phases to choose from, Macrostax allows you to create a system that works for YOU, not the other way around; changing yourself to meet a diet’s narrow requirements just doesn’t work. We designed Macrostax with your needs in mind. We know you want something that you can stick with for the long-term, not a quick fix, and that’s exactly what you get when you sign up.

What are you waiting for? The best version of you is just a few clicks away.

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