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Flexible Dieting - How to Hit your Macros

Finally! Team Macrostax has unlocked the secret to freezing fat and making it disappear…. 

All is takes is 3 simple steps:

  1. Go to your local grocery store and buy a tub of Ben & Jerry’s (Haagen Dazs will do too).  OK so now you have your fat

  2. Take home and place in freezer. OK fat has been frozen

  3. Eat with pure abandonment! Do I have to say it? YES, the fat has disappeared

The point of this torture? There is no easy way to lose weight – it’s a combination of eating healthily (with occasional treats) and exercising regularly (with occasional burpees).

If you’ve been following flexible dieting and have numbers to follow (your macros), you may have been told that as long as you hit your numbers it really doesn’t matter what you eat.  To a certain extent this is actually true – surprised? Don’t be – it sometimes is all about the numbers – take a look at this:

2 slices of Papa Johns large cheese pizza provides:


  • 580 calories

  • 76g carbohydrates

  • 20g total fat

  • 22g protein

Doesn’t sound too bad right? It could definitely fit into my macros and I could still lose weight.  Consider the alternative:

  • Baked Chicken – 4oz

  • Sweet potato – 1 cup (200g) with 1-teaspoon butter

  • Steamed broccoli – 1 cup with 1-teaspoon olive oil

  • Orange Juice – 5oz

  • Milano cookies – 2 – dessert yay!

  • Banana – ½ (63g)

Definitely a LOT more food for your ‘money’ so I know which one I’d rather eat!

measuring tape with food on a white board

Now, flexible dieting is called flexible for a reason.  It is meant to allow you to enjoy all foods and we are certainly not saying that pizza is no no – just that it shouldn’t be an everyday food.  It should be considered a treat because what the numbers don’t show you are that those 2 slices of pizza also provide:

  • Over 1400mg sodium – almost 60% of your allowance for the day

  • 9g of saturated fat – close to your limit for the whole day 

    (per American Heart Association’s recommendations)

  • 4 g fiber – less than 20% of what you need

  • Did we mention 580 calories? That’s a lot of calories for a little bit of food

On the other hand, our full meal also gives us:

  • A whole range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from the broccoli, the fruits and the sweet potato.

  • Twice the fiber

  • Less than 150mg sodium keeping you well within your limits (and allows for an extra salty rim on that margarita)

  • Umm – did we mention dessert?

The take home message?

Enjoy all foods but remember some are meant to be occasional treats – to get leaner, faster, and stronger you want to be eating quality nutritious foods on most days of the week – margarita optional.

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